The 10 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers In 2024

Ad networks play a pivotal role in connecting publishers with advertisers and facilitating the monetization of online content. Ad networks for small publishers are also an area that many people are interested in today. For small publishers, navigating the landscape of ad networks presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Understanding how ad networks function and how they can benefit small publishers is crucial in maximizing revenue potential in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Let’s learn about ad networks that are designed to empower small publishers to optimize their online advertising efforts through AdsNextGen‘s article below.

1. The role of Ad networks

Ad networks serve as intermediaries between publishers with unsold ad inventory (known as remnant inventory) and advertisers looking for ad placements. Their primary function,especially CPA networks is to streamline the process of buying and selling ad space or inventory across various websites or applications.

ad networks for small publishers
The Significance of Ad networks for small publishers

By partnering with ad networks, publishers can tap into a broad pool of advertisers interested in acquiring ad space, streamlining the connection process with potential buyers. This simplifies the workflow for publishers, eliminating the need to engage in individual negotiations with each advertiser. In the digital advertising realm, ad networks play a crucial role in facilitating seamless transactions and providing essential services to both publishers and advertisers.

2. The importance of Ad networks for small publishers

For smaller publishers, dedicating time and effort to seek and collaborate with individual advertisers manually is a significant drain on resources that could be better utilized for maintaining your digital platform. The purpose of an ad network is to act as a middleman platform that automates the connection between publishers and advertisers.
Reputable networks implement brand safety systems and controls to ensure that your ad spaces are filled with high-quality, relevant ad creatives. While publishers of all sizes benefit from these features, they are particularly crucial for smaller platforms that may not yet have alternative monetization channels in place. Therefore, Ad networks for small publishers are of interest to many advertisers today.

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3. Features to look for in an Ad network for small publishers

3.1 No low minimum access traffic requirements

High-quality ad networks typically have specific minimum requirements for new members, often in the form of minimum traffic. These measures are in place to ensure profitability for both publishers and advertisers, but they can be restrictive for smaller publishers who have not yet achieved the necessary traffic levels.
An ad network with no minimum traffic requirements is well-suited for smaller publishers as it removes a significant entry barrier, enabling them to commence monetization promptly.

3.2 Fast approval process

Larger networks usually focus on serving larger publishers, which entails a prolonged approval process for applicants. While owners of sizable digital properties may have the means to tolerate this waiting period, smaller publishers are unable to generate revenue while they are in the “Awaiting Approval” phase.
It is crucial for many publishers, tiny publishers, to collaborate with an ad network that offers a speedy or immediate approval process. Becoming a part of such networks guarantees a shorter timeframe from registration to monetization for publishers. That shows that ad networks with fast approval processes are also some of the most popular Ad networks for small publishers today.

ad networks for small publishers
A quick approval process is one of the important factors

3.3 Good UI and UX

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play a crucial role in a publisher’s satisfaction with an ad network.
The ease of use of an ad network is heavily influenced by its UI and UX. Quality ad networks should provide easily navigable interfaces, transparent features, and ample documentation and resources to maximize the platform’s potential.

3.4 Diverse ad inventory

Having a varied ad inventory is crucial. The ad network you align with must possess a vast pool of advertisers to provide a diverse range of top-notch ads. Even though every publisher aims to avoid displaying low-quality ads, the impact can be particularly severe for smaller publishers. These subpar ads have the potential to diminish traffic and greatly undermine the monetization opportunities for smaller websites and apps.

3.5 Convenient payment options and frequency

The payment options and frequency are essential considerations. While most networks facilitate the configuration of ad spaces and initiation of the monetization process for digital properties, the payment terms can significantly impact your earnings. It’s important to review the network’s payment process and ensure that it aligns with your preferred frequencies and payment methods. Reputable ad networks should offer multiple payment options to accommodate the needs of all publishers.

4. 10 The best Ad Networks for small publishers in 2024

4.1 AdsNextGen

Today, AdsNextGen is proud to be a flexible marketing agency providing a variety of budget-friendly advertising solutions for a variety of customers. Our approach is focused on simplifying the marketing process, eliminating unnecessary complexity, and empowering partners. AdsNextGen represents a paradigm shift in the global interconnected landscape, prioritizing accessibility, convenience, and human touch. AdsNextGen focuses on providing CPA services such as CPA traffic, and CPA network, committed to turning effective marketing into engaging experiences and delivering the best results for advertisers, publishers, and businesses. Through the above outstanding advantages, AdsNextGen is one of the best Ad networks for small publishers, and even large publishers love working with us.

the best ad networks for small publishers
AdsNextGen is one of the best Ad networks for small publishers

AdsNextGen is a high-converting global ad network that offers high CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, Network CPA, Revshare, and Smartlink CPA rates. AdsNextGen affirms that publishers’ income when working with us will be very competitive in a beneficial way compared to other advertising networks.
The top verticals that are growing at AdsNextGen include Dating, Nutra, E-commerce, geo-targeted mobile ads, Gambling, Download

  • Intuitive user interface with detailed reports
  • API integration improves efficiency
  • Redirect the appropriate domain name
  • Flexible LP rotation and creative division
  • Empowering publishers with a suite of e-commerce tools

Participation requirements include:

  • Meets the required traffic or impression level.
  • Comply with the AdsNextGen team’s policies and moderation

Payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Tipalti, and wire transfer, with options of 2 weeks (net14) or 30 days (net30)
Payment threshold: $100

4.2 Valueimpression

Valueimpression is a high-performing ad network known for its strong average CPC Google ads, RPM, and eCPM rates. They assert that their earnings could be 40%-300% higher compared to other networks. With over 9 years of advertising experience, Valueimpression leverages AI scripts to optimize ads, prioritizing the highest-bidding CPM ads to fill 99% of inventory and boost revenue.

Key services and features:

  • Valueimpression operates in the realms of header bidding, private marketplace (PMPs), and programmatic direct.
  • They automate the sale of display and video inventory, ensuring transparency across all devices.
  • Users have access to a real-time data dashboard.

Payment details

  • Payment threshold: 100$ and 1500$
  • Payment type: Net 15, Net 30, weekly, daily, or on-demand.

4.3 Ezoic

Ezoic is a native ads affiliate marketing company that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to optimize ad placements. Ezoic caters to numerous publishers globally. Ezoic’s intelligent ad optimization process utilizes data to determine the most effective layouts, thereby enhancing engagement and revenue. They offer tailored support based on website size and are a popular choice for bloggers and marketers seeking to expand their monetization strategies.

Payment details:

  • Payment threshold: $20
  • Payment types: Net 30, Net 60, Net 90
  • Payment methods: Direct bank transfer (Payoneer), Check, PayPal

4.4 Setupad

Setupad is a data-informed monetization platform that enables publishers to maximize their ad revenue potential. Notably, Setupad is recognized for offering one of the most lightweight header bidding codes available. What distinguishes Setupad is its exceptional customer service, which includes assigning a dedicated Account Executive to each website. This level of support eliminates the need for publishers to possess extensive experience with programmatic ads.

video ad networks for small publishers
Setupad – Ad networks for small publishers

The platform provides a range of header bidding and Google AdX integrations to accommodate publishers of all sizes, including options tailored to AdSense publishers, enterprise publishers, and those who prefer to maintain control over their inventory.

Payment details

  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Payment type: Net 60
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer, Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, Paysera, Revolut


Media.Net stands out not only as one of the top Ad networks for small publishers but also as one of the most high-performing options available today, presenting a strong alternative to traditional choices like Google AdSense. Renowned international publishers like CNN, Forbes, Reuters, and Kiplinger have all joined forces with Media.Net. Operating as a contextual ad network, Media.Net utilizes cutting-edge technologies to tailor and align the ads displayed in each ad space with the context of the digital platform.

  • Payment models: CPA, CPC, CPM, CPL
  • Payment frequency: NET-30
  • Payout threshold: $100
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal

4.6 PopAds

Compared to other ad formats, Popunders typically offer higher payments and are an effective method to engage users who utilize ad-blockers. PopAds specializes in Popunder ads, which appear beneath an active browser window. The platform serves advertisers in more than 40 countries and states an average revenue of $4 for every 1,000 unique U.S. visitors.

  • Models: The platform operates on a Cost-per-mille (CPM) model.
  • Minimum traffic: There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  • Payout methods: PayPal, and PopAds support Payoneer, and wire transfers for payout transactions.

4.7 Bidvertiser

BidVertiser’s monetization model integrates a diverse range of ad formats, minimal payout thresholds, and a fully transparent process that connects advertisers and publishers. This is one of the most typical Ad networks for small publishers. What’s more, the sign-up process and initiation of publishing on BidVertiser are remarkably swift. After creating an account, new publishers only need to submit their website details for review. BidVertiser’s automated approval system validates that your site complies with the terms of service and enables you to configure your ads promptly.

video ad networks for publishers
BidVertiser’s monetization model is one of the Ad networks for small publishers
  • Payment models: CPA, CPM, CPC
  • Payment frequency: NET-30
  • Payout threshold: $10 for all payment methods, Wire transfers: $500, Checks: $100
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Cryptocurrency (BTC), Wire transfer

4.8 Optad360

OptAd360 assists publishers with cutting-edge solutions to efficiently monetize their content. The primary goal of OptAd360 is to aid online content creators globally in monetizing their skills. Since their inception in 2015, they have consistently broadened their expertise and honed new capabilities to assist publishers in optimizing their revenue streams.

In 2022, OptAd360 acquired Bidlogic technology to offer enhanced monetization solutions specifically designed for mobile game developers.

  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payout threshold: 100$
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer

4.9 RevenueHits

Intango (formerly known as RevenueHits) is a renowned ad network with a roster of over 5,000 advertisers and 20,000 registered publishers. The company asserts a 100% fill rate and supports various ad formats.

Joining this network is notably straightforward. Once registered, publishers can commence earning revenue from their website’s ad space, regardless of their traffic volume. This ad network offers competitive rates for publishers and ensures regular payouts to maintain a healthy cash flow.

  • Models: CPI, CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPM models.
  • Minimum traffic: There are no minimum traffic requirements.
  • Payout methods: Intango supports wire transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer as payout methods.

4.10 Publift

Publift is a programmatic advertising network dedicated to supporting small to medium-sized publishers in monetizing their websites. An outstanding feature of Publift is that it empowers partners to select appropriate ad formats and layouts that enhance the user experience for website visitors. With its technology-driven analytical capabilities, publishers can monitor their revenue performance and obtain valuable insights to make well-informed decisions.

Payment details:

  • Payment threshold: $150
  • Payment method: Publift disburses payments via direct bank transfer in the currency of the recipient’s choice.
  • Payment type: Google revenue is paid every month, while all other revenues from different networks are paid with a 3-month delay.

5. The common types of Ad networks today

5.1 Premium Ad Network

Premium advertising networks often distribute exclusive ads. So these advertising networks will often work with a group of professional publishers, of course, they will require very strict registration rights. There are also minimum traffic requirements, plus they require the publisher to operate in a specific niche or niche.
Because of its exclusive features, advertising networks will often pay very high fees to publishers. So, publishers can often make money from these places. So of course, those premium ad network models will not be suitable as Ad networks for small publishers.

5.2 Affiliate Ad Network

Affiliate marketing entails publishers promoting products in exchange for commissions. Publishers showcase the products to their audience and receive a commission for each sale or other conversion. Affiliate ad networks grant media publishers access to lucrative affiliate offers, along with reporting tools and training to assist affiliates in achieving better results and maximizing their earnings.

5.3 Horizontal Ad Network

Horizontal ad networks operate with a broad scope, in contrast to vertical networks. They cater to numerous niches and facilitate connections between publishers and a wide array of advertisers. While advertising through horizontal networks may not be as precisely targeted as with vertical networks, the high volume ensures that ad slots can be fully utilized.

5.4 Vertical Ad Network

A vertical ad network concentrates on a specific niche or industry to facilitate advertising for businesses within that industry to reach their ideal audience. By offering this targeted audience to interested advertisers, substantial earnings can be generated. Although the volume of ads may be relatively lower on a vertical ad network, their effectiveness in reaching the intended audience is high due to the precise targeting.

5.5 Targeted Networks

For advertisers aiming to target an extremely specific demographic or user segment, leveraging a specialized network is advantageous. These networks concentrate on highly specific targeting criteria such as location, user behavior, and other factors.

6. The best Ad networks for small publishers — FAQs

6.1 What trends may develop in the advertising networks in 2024?

The upcoming direction of advertising networks involves an increased dependence on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for pairing publishers with the most suitable ads for their websites. AI has simplified the analysis of extensive data volumes and the identification of patterns. AI-supported ad networks can assist publishers in identifying the optimal ads for their target audience and maximizing their revenue. Additionally, affiliate marketing is positioned to play a more substantial role in global advertising networks due to its effectiveness, being the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising.

6.3 Which ad network has no minimum traffic?

Many ad networks today have no minimum traffic requirements for publishers. This means that even if traffic to your website is low, you can still join Intango and start earning revenue from your ad space.

6.4 How do ad networks work with publishers?

Ad networks work with publishers through a process that involves the following key aspects: ad inventory monetization, ad selection and delivery, revenue generation, reporting and analytics, support and optimization, and payment processing. By engaging with ad networks, publishers can effectively monetize their digital properties and generate revenue from their online content while leveraging the ad network’s technology, advertiser relationships, and expertise in ad monetization.

Above is all the information related to Ad Networks for small publishers that AdsNextGen compiled to share with readers. Hopefully, based on our information, small publishers can find quality advertising networks to make money on. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us for the most detailed consulting support.

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