The Best Affiliate Tracking CPA Software in 2024 (News Update)

Tracking CPA is a fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing that can significantly impact your success in this dynamic field. Understanding and effectively managing CPA metrics is essential to optimize your campaigns, enhance ROI, and ensure that your affiliate marketing efforts deliver effective results. In the following article, Adsnextgen will help you dive into the world of CPA tracking and find the best software today.

What is Affiliate Tracking CPA Software?

Affiliate tracking CPA (Cost Per Action) software is a tool used by businesses and affiliate marketers to track and manage their affiliate marketing campaigns. CPA is a pricing model where advertisers pay a fee each time a specific action is completed, such as a sale, lead generation, or form submission.

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What is Affiliate Tracking CPA Software?

CPA tracking software offers more than just tracking capabilities; it provides comprehensive campaign performance statistics. These insights empower both affiliates and affiliate managers to make informed decisions. In CPA networks, affiliate managers can evaluate the effectiveness of their affiliates and pinpoint which campaigns are delivering the best results.

What is the Purpose of CPA Affiliate Tracking Software?

Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs that employ the tracking CPA pricing model is the goal of CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate tracking. Affiliates may measure the amount of clicks, conversions, and revenue from their campaigns in real-time using CPA tracking software, which also offers thorough data on the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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What is the Purpose of CPA Affiliate Tracking Software?

Campaign optimization, conversion rate improvement, and revenue generation are all possible with the use of this data. Affiliate managers may also utilize CPA affiliate tracking to keep tabs on the success of their affiliates and tweak their campaigns as necessary to get better results. This can entail making fresh offers, changing commission percentages, or offering more assistance and tools to assist affiliates in boosting their revenue.

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How to choose the best Affiliate Tracking Software

Any reliable affiliate tracking tool should make it simple for you to view results in your dashboards and track performance from affiliate networks. From your Google Analytics and Facebook conversion statistics, it ought to be able to produce customized audiences. If you’re new to affiliate marketing tools, a user-friendly dashboard is also crucial.

Top Affiliate Tracking CPA tools for CPA marketers

Next, let’s delve into the tracking alternatives, including CPA tracking software, available to affiliate marketers looking for a multi-channel tracker with a range of functionalities to measure various conversion attributes. These solutions are especially suitable for people who generate CPA traffic from a variety of sources and frequently use affiliate links.

1. Voluum

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Using the program Voluum, you may make your marketing initiatives more effective. All of your smartlink CPA traffic sources are tracked, handled, and optimized in one location. Voluum’s AI-powered tools assist you in automating traffic optimization, and its collaboration capabilities let you cooperate on various access levels. Voluum helps businesses increase ROI affiliate marketing by providing safe data storage and infrastructure that meets banking standards.


  • The monthly costs for the Profit plan are $149 and $69 respectively for the Discover plan.
  • Normally, the Grow plan costs $449.
  • The monthly rate for the Agency package is $999.

2. Binom

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Binom, a self-hosted tracker built for CPA affiliates focusing on performance marketing and tracking CPA campaigns, is a standout in the field. With its exceptional click processing capabilities and the ability to generate in-depth reports, Binom empowers affiliates to fine-tune their strategies for maximizing earnings. Designed to cater to the unique requirements of affiliate marketers, Binom excels in tracking campaign performance, establishing itself as an indispensable tool in the realm of tracking CPA campaigns.


  • The cost of Binom Tracker every month is $99 per month.
  • It also has a $69/month annual plan.
  • For $49, a second license may be purchased. With every plan, it provides free assistance.

3. iMobiTrax

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Another self-hosted affiliate conversion tracking program that charges a monthly membership fee and is essential for tracking CPA and affiliate marketing efforts is iMobiTrax. For affiliates that receive a lot of traffic, iMobiTrax is a great option. Your data is safe and secure with you while using iMobiTrax since it is installed on your server. Fast redirect speeds, the ability to create campaigns with landing pages, direct links, path split testing, numerous posts, click redirection rules, and much more are all characteristics of iMobiTrax.


iMobiTrax is priced at approximately $179 per month, offering a strong return on investment through its speedy performance, robust click fraud detection, comprehensive reporting, and numerous valuable features.

4. ClickMeter

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ClickMeter is more of a link tracker program that enables conversion tracking. The click-tracking program is a single piece of software with over a hundred separate distinctive characteristics. It allows you to track conversions for sales, advertising, opt-ins, and many other actions. Besides, it also serves as an A/B link split testing rotator. It may be used to build a link rotator so you can A/B test various landing pages or sales funnels. It makes complete Excel Export possible.


  • The $19/month Medium plan is the first option.
  • The X-Large plan costs $349 per month,
  • While the Large plan costs $99 per month.

5. Snapt

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An alternative to Bitly that is often mentioned is Snapt, which will be discussed later in the article. Split testing is supported by the software’s ability to combine different affiliate programs under a single association. There are limitations to using a free link tracker, such as not being able to change the short URL destination.

Unlike other systems, Snapt allows you to modify the final destination of short URLs whenever you want. Even when sharing other people’s documents, the program will allow you to collect data from every link you publish to segment and retarget your audience.


  • At $14 a month, the Solo plan is the least priced.
  • The Freelancer bundle costs $49 per month.
  • You can choose the unlimited plan for $149 a month if none of the other options appeal to you.

6. ClickMagick

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One of the best and most economical link trackers is ClickMagick. By building up campaigns, it excels at making it simple for customers to track adverts. Additionally, it aids in the creation of dynamic sub-ids, affiliate link groups, and link rotators. You can monitor and improve your whole sales funnel using ClickMagick. Additionally, ClickMagick enables you to monitor complete sophisticated & complex sales funnels.

With the above features, ClickMagick is ready to make things simple for you, whether you are new to the internet world or have a successful online business.


  • Starter Plan: $27 per month
  • Standard Plan: $67 per month
  • Pro Plan: $97 per month

7. Thrive

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Thrive may be for you if you are a significant affiliate and have a lot of traffic. Both hosted and self-hosted affiliate tracking services are available with Thrive. Thrive tracks mobile CPA campaigns for both web and mobile platforms. Any funnel may be tracked with Thrive.

All of your tracking information is in your possession thanks to the robust self-hosted tracking solution Thrive. You don’t need your server for this; the more experienced affiliate with a lot of traffic may use Thrive’s managed cloud option.

With Thrive, you may examine dayparting data, multi-variable drill-down reports, quicker redirection on mobile devices, and much more.


Since Thrive is a subscription-based service, you must pay a certain amount each month to utilize it, starting at about $49. You may also try it out for 14 days without paying anything.

8. AnyTrack (

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AnyTrack (

One of the best affiliate tracking programs, especially for tracking CPA campaigns, is AnyTrack ( Not only does it effectively track your link conversions, but it also processes them, and syncs them with the rest of your marketing ecosystem, all in real-time, making it an invaluable tool for tracking CPA campaigns.

As a result, Any Track gives you a comprehensive, ongoing view of your marketing activities, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of sponsored or organic visitors. It can provide statistics on conversions and visitor behavior, and can also send data back to Google Analytics. So, Any Track supports tracking your traffic performance.


  • It offers premium subscriptions for only $50 per month.
  • Its $ 150-a-month Personal Plan comes
  • Additionally, Any Track has an advanced account for $300 per month
  • Every one of its programs has a 14-day free trial period.

9. Bitly

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Another well-known link tracker in this group of tracking CPA and affiliate marketing software is Bitly. It has a ton of useful features and is utilized by thousands of companies all around the world. Link Management is a client of Bitly’s. You can simply manage your links by giving them groups, categories, and many other things. Bitly has a dashboard with an informative user experience that makes it easy to track campaign data and performance. Therefore, Bitly’s focus is on campaign management and analytics.


Pricing options from Bitly allow you to track and adjust every interaction with your target market:

  • Free
  • Basic @ $29/mo
  • Customized Solutions – Get a Quote

10. SYC Tracker

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SYC Tracker

Introduced in June 2018, SYC Tracker was formerly known as CPV Lab. SYC Tracker and CPV Lab are quite similar. Its user interface is 90% similar to CPV Lab. Any traffic source can be tracked and optimized by it. It supports campaign testing, monitoring, and optimization for media buyers and affiliates.

SYC Tracker is self-hosted and offers complete privacy and data protection. You can track countless keywords, ads, pages, and offers. Additionally, it is very simple to set up and use. With direct links and landing pages, it offers control and flexibility.

11. Post Affiliate Pro

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Post Affiliate Pro

Simply put, Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate software that helps increase your sales. To increase your affiliate marketing income, use this affiliate software. Along with reporting and billing capabilities, it allows you to track clicks and registrations. In addition, Post Affiliate Pro is quite simple to use and is for those who are not tech-savvy. It is straightforward to set up and use. It can also link to almost any website or payment gateway. All types of affiliate links are supported by Post Affiliate Pro. You can track sales across different currencies. You can then recalculate them to a single default currency.


  • Pro: $129
  • Ultimate: $249
  • Network: $599

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software Benefits

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CPA Affiliate Tracking Software Benefits

Affiliate managers and affiliates can both profit from CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate tracking software’s many features. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Increased profits: Affiliates may rapidly identify initiatives that are underperforming and optimize them to enhance their earnings by measuring clicks, conversions, and earnings in real-time.
  • Improve campaign performance: Accurate campaign performance data can help affiliates identify issues and resolve them to increase revenue and conversion rates.
  • Greater efficiency: Affiliates may save time and operate more effectively by tracking and managing various campaigns across several networks from a single platform.
  • Automation: By automating some operations like traffic redirection to various offers based on performance and automatically halting underperforming campaigns, automation tools can assist in saving time and contribute to an increase in revenue.
  • Better affiliate management: Affiliate managers may monitor the success of their affiliates using CPA affiliate monitoring software. They can also authorize new affiliates, establish CPA commission rates, and offer tools and assistance to help affiliates raise their revenue.
  • Scalability: The software supports growth and scalability by managing several campaigns and a high volume of visitors.

Tracking CPA and affiliate marketing monitoring software may aid affiliates in campaign optimization, income growth, and improved affiliate management. Additionally, it can aid affiliate managers in tracking performance.

What can CPA Marketing Software do for your Business?

tracking cpa
What can CPA Marketing Software do for your Business?

Affiliates can automatically check conversions on the majority of CPA networks using CPA tracking software. It is feasible to utilize pixels or even server tracking thanks to affiliate networks. However, the software for tracking CPA and affiliates varies slightly from one another. The nuances between software designed for tracking affiliates and tracking CPA campaigns often serve different purposes and have distinct functionality.

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Choosing a tracking CPA with an abundance of the best tools for your affiliate program can be challenging. To avoid moving your company later (which can lead to the loss of invaluable data, traffic, or recurring commission data), you must make the right decisions from the beginning.

Always remember that the software application you choose must meet all the immediate and long-term requirements of your affiliate marketing program, regardless of whether you are focusing your efforts on email marketing-based campaign links or just following the affiliate link for your affiliate platform.

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