SOI affiliate marketing (Single Opt-In): Pros and Cons

SOI Affiliate is one of the affiliate marketing network’s approaches to attract the attraction and attention of online marketers to potential customers. Unlike traditional affiliate networks, SOI gives you the opportunity to earn higher commissions by focusing on building relationships with influencers in your industry.

This article will help you understand what SOI is, compare it with other affiliate networks, and show you how to start making money with SOI marketing affiliates.

What is SOI affiliate? Compared to Other Affiliate Networks?
What is an SOI in an affiliate? Compared to Other Affiliate Networks?

What is an SOI affiliate?

SOI, short for Single Opt-In, collects email registrations from potential customers in email marketing. In this method, users only need to perform a simple action to sign up to receive emails, such as filling out a sign-up form or clicking a “Sign up” button.

SOI Affiliate, or SOI Collaborator, is a form of affiliate marketing that takes advantage of the SOI registration method. In this model, the seller (advertiser) will cooperate with the advertiser (publisher) who is an influential individual (influencer) in a certain field.

How does an SOI work in affiliate marketing?

This model operates based on the principle of “Sphere of Influence” (SOI) – leveraging the influence of individuals in the community to promote products or services. Specifically:

  • Sellers provide affiliate marketing campaigns with separate tracking links for SOI collaborators.
  • SOI collaborators will promote the campaign through their channels, such as social networks, blogs, websites…
  • Interested users click on the link and perform the desired action (purchase, registration) on the seller’s website.
  • Based on the cooperation agreement, the seller will record the conversion and pay the commission to the SOI collaborator.
How does an SOI affiliate work?
How does an SOI work in affiliate marketing?

What are the benefits of joining an SOI marketing affiliate?

Participating in the SOI affiliate program brings many benefits to both sellers and advertisers. Outstanding advantages such as:

  • The SOI Contributor Program uses a one-time registration process (Single Opt-In), making it easy and quick for contributors and users to join. There’s no need for email confirmations or other complicated steps, which increases conversions and reduces abandonment rates.
  • With an attractive commission mechanism and simple process, SOI collaborators can focus on promoting the product or service they are working with, thereby increasing sales for the seller.
  • The SOI model reduces user acquisition and retention costs and optimizes marketing campaigns.
  • With separate tracking links, sellers can easily track and measure the performance of each marketing campaign.

SOI compared to other affiliate marketing networks?


  • Both SOI affiliate and traditional affiliate marketing networks allow brands to partner with publishers to promote their products or services.
  • Both networks use a commission system to pay publishers when they generate sales or conversions.
  • Both networks provide publishers access to a range of tools and resources to help them succeed.
SOI affiliate
SOI compared to other affiliate marketing networks?


  • SOI marketing affiliate focuses on connecting brands with influencers in a specific niche, while traditional affiliate marketing networks often have a broader network of publishers with a variety of specialties. together.
  • It gives brands more control over their affiliate marketing campaigns, allowing them to target specific audiences with personalized messages.
  • This model typically offers higher affiliate marketing commissions to publishers than traditional affiliate marketing networks.

The affiliate marketing network that is best for you will depend on your specific needs and goals. If you are looking for a large network of publishers to promote your products or services, then a traditional affiliate marketing network may be the best option for you. However, SOI affiliates may be a better choice if you are looking for a network that focuses on influencers in a specific niche and gives you more control over your campaigns.

Tips to increase revenue from SOI marketing affiliates?

You can increase the revenue of the SOI program with the following methods:

  • Understanding your target audience helps create appropriate and attractive advertising content. Use strong and compelling titles to stimulate viewer attention and increase click-through rates.
  • Make sure your landing page loads quickly to avoid losing customers due to long wait times. The website interface should be easy to read, easy to use, and optimized for both mobile phones and tablets.
  • Actively interact with customers, provide support, and answer questions to build trust. Offer promotions, special offers, or educational content to add value to customers.
  • Use analytics tools to track and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns. Based on data and metrics, adjust marketing strategy to optimize performance and increase revenue.
SOI affiliates marketing
Tips to increase revenue

With the information shared in this article, hopefully, you have an overview of SOI affiliates and how to participate in this model. Effective use of semantic keyword sets will help you create quality content, attract traffic, and increase conversion rates, thereby increasing revenue. Wishing you success!

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