Pin Submit Offers in Affiliate Networks: Definition, Best Programs in 2024

Pin Submit Affiliate Networks are a special type of affiliate marketing where advertisers pay affiliates when they attract users to sign up for services or buy products via PIN codes or SMS messages. This Adsnextgen article will give you all the information you need to get started with Pin Submit CPA. Start making money online today!

Definition of Pin submit offers affiliate

A PIN submit offer is a form of affiliate marketing where users provide their phone number (or occasionally other contact information) to pay for subscriptions and other products directly through their phone, without taking a credit card out of their wallet.

How does pin submit affiliate marketing work?

With pin submit offers, the user receives a PIN code via SMS, which they use to enter on the website to confirm their submission. Here’s how it generally works:

  • Offer Presentation: The affiliate marketer promotes the pin submit offer through various channels, such as websites, social media, or advertising networks. The offer may be presented as a chance to win a prize, access exclusive content, or receive some other benefit.
  • User Engagement: Interested users click on the offer and are directed to a landing page where they are asked to enter their mobile phone number.
  • SMS Verification: After entering their phone number, users receive an SMS with a PIN code. They were then asked to enter this PIN code on the website to confirm their submission.
  • Affiliate Payout: The affiliate marketer earns a commission for each successful PIN submission. The amount of commission can vary depending on the specific offer and the affiliate network.
Pin submit affiliate marketing work
Pin submit affiliate marketing work

List of the best Pin submit offers lastest 2024

Below is a table of offers of the largest Pin submit links available and related platforms in 2024:

Platform/Company Affiliate Offer
Be first to win the iPhone 13 Pro $0.80 Payout
Elden Prsten $3.83 Payout
FIFA 23 Tips & Tricks $1.14 Payout
Get Call of Duty Warzone Guide! $1.54 Payout
Activate your account $1.54 Payout
Download now! $6.17 Payout
Play Snake Blast $8.35 Payout

Best Pin submit affiliate networks updated 2024

Pin submit affiliate programs present an exceptional opportunity to generate passive income while leading a flexible and fulfilling life. These programs allow you to leverage your existing channels and platforms to promote affiliate offerings, earning a commission on each successful referral.

To assist you in identifying the most lucrative Pin submit affiliate networks, we have meticulously compiled a comprehensive list below. Each network has been thoroughly evaluated based on factors such as commission rates, reputation, and program quality.

AdsNextGen: Pin submit Affiliate Networks

AdsNextGen is a global affiliate network that stands out with its cutting-edge technology. We have paid our users over 12 million dollars. Join us now to start earning with over 4,300 Affiliate Programs. We offer a wide selection of affiliate programs, including popular options such as pin submits, 1st page submit, downloads, double Otp-In, video view, or complete surveys,..v.v.

 Adsnextgen is a CPA network with high commission. In mobile pin submit offers, Adsnextgen boasts a wide range of high-converting campaigns across various verticals.

Pin submit Affiliate Network
AdsNextGen: Pin submit Affiliate Network


  • Competitive payouts and timely payments.
  • Dedicated support team to assist affiliates with campaign selection and optimization.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting tools for in-depth campaign analysis.

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners offers a broader selection of affiliate programs, including Pin Submit Offers alongside other popular models like CPA and CPL.


  • Renowned network with a strong reputation and established relationships with major advertisers.
  • Access to a variety of offers across diverse industries, catering to a wider audience.
  • Comprehensive training resources and ongoing support for affiliates.


  • Pin Submit Affiliate Networks might not be as prominently featured compared to other campaign types.
  • Competition for high-paying offers could be high due to the network’s popularity.

Ellana: Rising Star in Mobile Performance Marketing

Yellana specializes in mobile performance marketing, with Pin Submit CPA being a core offering alongside other mobile-centric campaigns.


  • Innovative platform with advanced targeting capabilities for effective campaign optimization.
  • Focus on mobile ensures Pin Submit networks are well-suited for the modern user landscape.
  • Emerging network with competitive payouts and a growing selection of offers.


  • May not have the same brand recognition compared to established players.
  • As a growing network, the number of Pin Submit Offers may be lower than in larger networks.

Strategies and tips to promote Pin Submit CPA effectively

Affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming an effective advertising channel, and among them, pin submission is attracting special attention. Below are detailed instructions and strategies for promoting submit pins in affiliate marketing.

Choose a Traffic Source

  • Decide on traffic sources for the campaign: First of all, you need to identify your main traffic sources. You can choose from social media platforms, push notification ads, or genuine ad networks. You can learn about CPA traffic, this is a potential source of traffic that easily reaches customers.
  • Use reputable affiliate networks: Some networks like AdsNextGen provide quality traffic, especially on mobile devices. AdsNextGen gets 90% of its mobile traffic based on push notifications.

Choose a Trusted PIN code from the Affiliate Network

When choosing an affiliate network, you need to make sure that they offer quality pin-sending incentives. Here are some trusted affiliate networks:

  • AdsNextGen
  • ExpertMobi
  • CPAMatica
  • Mobile phone
  • Zeydoo
  • Golden Goose

Check Offer Details Send PIN Code

Before choosing an offer, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Payment and Conversion Rates: Check your offer’s payment and conversion rates.
  • Device Type and Traffic: Understand the traffic type and device the offer is targeting. Android and iOS have distinct characteristics in terms of payment rates and traffic costs.
Strategies and tips to promote Pin Submit Offers
Strategies and tips to promote Pin Submit Affiliate Networks Effectively

Evaluate and Optimize Landing Pages

  • Test your Landing Page: Your landing page needs to be convincing and match the message of your offer. If necessary, create a separate pre-lander to optimize conversion rates.
  • Research and Optimization: Customize landing pages and campaigns based on your data and ad results.

Additionally, you can refer to the following tips:

  • Use landing page: Create a separate landing page for the Pin Submit Offers campaign to increase conversion rates.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Use phrases like “Limited quantity”, and “For a short time only” to motivate users to buy quickly.
  • Provide attractive incentives: Offer discount codes and gifts to attract users to join the campaign.
Pin Submit Offers
Create a separate landing page for the Pin Submit CPA campaign to increase conversion rates

In conclusion, Pin Submit Offers are a potential affiliate marketing method that benefits both advertisers and affiliates. With the development of technology and user needs, the Pin Submit strategy will continue to grow strongly in the future.

This article has provided you with detailed information about Pin Submit meaning, one of the best affiliate marketing networks of 2024. Hope this information will help you start your Pin Submit campaign success and maximize profits.

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