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Popunder ads are among the most popular and conventional ad forms seen on all of the major ad networks. Regardless of skill level, choosing the proper ad type can be difficult for advertisers and affiliate marketers (company owners). Popunders are a useful tool for marketers and affiliates in practically every sector. This article, Adsnextgen will explain how to use popunders and how they may increase your website’s traffic and income.

What are Popunder Ads?

Popunder ads, also known as popunders, are a type of advertisement that launches in a new browser window positioned behind the active tab the user is currently browsing. The appearance of a popunder depends on the JavaScript code responsible for its display. Sometimes, merely loading a webpage containing the code triggers the popunder, while other times, user interaction such as clicking on any part of the page is necessary.

It’s important to note that popunders are different from other types of pop-up ads commonly encountered in web browsers. Unlike popups, which aggressively open in a new window on top of the current tab, popunders present themselves discreetly in a new browser window below the active tab.

popunder ads
What are Popunder Ads?

This subtle approach allows users to continue their browsing uninterrupted, potentially leading to higher engagement as they may discover the advertisement after completing their current task. Compared to popups, which users often close immediately, popunders have a greater chance of eliciting conversions due to their non-intrusive nature and potential for catching the user’s interest as they peruse the webpage’s content. This is also considered one of the favorite native ads affiliate marketing networks to use

Popunder advertisements’ benefits for marketers

  • Popunder tabs make use of the fact that interruptions are usually unwanted and are difficult to ignore, especially on desktop computers. This general dislike of disturbances is what makes them effective.
  • To publishers and advertisers, Popunder ads guarantee a wide audience reach on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones because they work on all platforms and devices. Using many platforms increases the amount of people who see your offer.
  • Their high conversion rates are explained by the fact that people seldom overlook these advertisements; before turning off their devices, they frequently navigate across tabs in their browsers, which guarantees more exposure and interaction.

Popunder advertisements’ benefits for publishers

One efficient way to monetize incoming visitors is by using Popunders. Popunder ad optimization for publishers is made possible by Adsterra’s technology, which increases revenue from high-quality visitors. CPM charges can range from $10 to $800 per day, depending on variables like location and season. Let’s see some additional advantages that Popunder ads offer to publishers.

Variable CPM prices

Rates are completely adjustable and customized for every website, taking into account variables like geography, visitor volume, conversion rates, and more.

popunder ads
Variable CPM prices

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Clear payments

Popunder advertising function on your website without requiring any creative integration. Rather, consumers are automatically sent to an advertisement page without having to make any further clicks. The amount of money publishers are paid depends on how many people visit the specified landing page and how many of those visitors become customers. Payout amounts are closely correlated with traffic quality, which includes both volume and degree of user involvement.

Enlarged areas for advertisements

Since popunders don’t require ad space, adding them won’t interfere with your current inventory of banner ads or website design. You can also choose to include additional Popunder ads in addition to your banners, photos, or text.

Easy to incorporate

It is not necessary to have deep knowledge of complicated interfaces or a great deal of programming experience to implement Popunders. For example, it is simple to request a simple ad script and paste the code just before the closing </head> tag to insert it into the HTML view of your website. The peculiar thing about Popunders is that they have to be positioned in between the two “<head>” tags.

popunder ads
Easy to incorporate

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Fill rates of 100%

Pop-up advertisements are quite popular and guarantee that your website will always have a range of offers from sponsors. This ensures what we call a fill rate of 100%.

Drawbacks of Popunder advertisements

Even though Popunders have many advantages, you should be aware of any possible disadvantages before incorporating them into your campaign plan. They’re not a one-size-fits-all answer to every problem with your campaign, just like any other ad style.

Popunders may not work as well as they should because of AdBlockers and browser changes. Nevertheless, you may lessen this problem by using anti-AdBlock codes, which are offered by some ad networks, such as Adsterra.

The possibility of bot traffic mixed in with Popunder traffic is another cause for worry. For affiliate marketers, this is a serious problem, especially when buying traffic from dubious sources. Although Popunders indeed seem to draw more bot traffic than other kinds of ads, top ad networks fight this with strong anti-fraud mechanisms.

Purchasing traffic from reliable sources and finding out about the anti-fraud safeguards your ad network has in place are essential if you want to protect your money. Nobody wants to risk losing revenue to fraudulent activities or invest in poor traffic, after all.

Popunder’s best verticals

Popunder traffic’s efficacy varies depending on the niche, and trends change every year. In 2024, there was a noticeable focus on cybersecurity and online privacy, which reflected worries throughout the world at a time when people spend a lot of time using computers for work, play, and shopping. Since many home computers were unprotected, verticals like VPNs, antivirus programs, and other online utilities saw an increase in demand and were the top performers for popunder traffic.

Classic verticals are still doing well in the popunder space and giving affiliates steady earnings despite these new developments. Dating, gaming, betting, eCommerce, finance, sweepstakes, smartlinks, and software & utilities are some of these timeless categories.

popunder ads
Popunder’s best verticals

Tips for selecting a popunder network

The popunder ad type has accumulated a variety of sources for procurement throughout its long existence. At least thirty popunder ads networks now offer it for purchase.

These ad networks offer popunder traffic using CPC, CPM, and CPA networks, among others.

  • Although it is a less popular model since it counts every visit to the landing page as a click, which is equivalent to every popunder impression, CPC (Cost per Click) involves paying for each click.
  • The most common form, known as CPM (Cost per Mile), entails payment per 1000 visits.
  • The term “CPA” (Cost per Action) refers to the payment received for certain landing page actions.

Advertisers should give top priority to a number of variables when choosing an ad network, including the amount of traffic accessible in their intended country, anti-bot traffic controls, and the availability of automated optimization tools. Because of the enormous volumes of popunder traffic, manual management is quite difficult.

How can you raise the conversion rates of your Popunder traffic?

It’s crucial to conduct extensive study and testing before starting any marketing. An effective marketer has to be knowledgeable about the essential strategies and tactics for increasing conversions from Popunder visitors.

Spy on your rivals

It’s essential to comprehend your rivals’ tactics if you want to outperform them. The easiest and most efficient way is to purchase a spy gadget. With the use of these software programs, you may gain an understanding of the vast advertising industry by tracking the length, success rates, and continuing campaigns.

popunder ads
Spy on your rivals

Construct landing pages

It’s a great idea to run an A/B split test using a personalized landing page and a reproduced one, but it’s not a good idea to just copy other people’s work and hope for the best. Although landing sites that spy tools offer are legitimate, their efficacy is diminished by saturation as a result of the large number of marketers who employ them.

Keep an eye on your targeted choices

It might be wise to begin your campaigns with wide targeting. To allay worries about expenditures, a lot of novices first choose recommended Whitelists. This is a fair, although not always ideal, decision. Whitelists customized based on your historical performance data usually provide the most accurate outcomes.

Moreover, optimizing your offerings requires the use of device targeting. Although Popunder ads on mobile devices are not the same as those on desktops, they are still a good choice for novices.

Boost your strategies for bidding

Developing a bidding strategy is essential for affiliate marketing campaigns, regardless of the type of ads you use, such as Pop, Banner, or Push ads.

popunder ads
Boost your strategies for bidding

Although self-service platforms provide you with budgetary flexibility, it’s crucial to refrain from overbidding since this might soon exhaust your available funds. Higher bids do not always translate into more visitors or conversions. For early testing, instead, use the bid that the AI algorithms propose. As an alternative, speak with your account manager to find out about the nation, offer type, and targeting characteristics of the current competing bids in your target segment.


Popunder ads continue to be a popular and unquestionably successful option, even if traffic providers may differ in their inventory classification standards. Your marketing campaigns may remain non-intrusive and improve user experience using Popunder traffic.

Furthermore, installing Popunder ads takes very little time. All you need to do is choose a trustworthy ad network and collaborate with a high-quality inventory platform. After that, start your campaigns and make eye-catching pre-landers. However, since campaigns won’t produce results on their own, ongoing optimization is essential to guaranteeing profitability.

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