Native Ads Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide 2024

Are you looking for a more effective marketing method for your affiliate marketing campaign? Native Ads is the answer for you! This type of advertising is not only sophisticated but also blends perfectly into surrounding content, creating a smooth and natural experience for users. This article will give you a comprehensive view of Native Ads affiliate marketing, from definitions, benefits, and comparisons with other types of advertising to the best support platforms. Let’s explore this type of advertising with Adsnextgen to take your marketing strategy to the next level!

What are native ads affiliate marketing?

Native advertising, by definition, is the use of paid advertising that is naturally tweaked to fit the look and functionality of the platform on which it appears. It does not cause interruptions like traditional forms of advertising, but instead blends seamlessly into the content, creating harmony and space for viewers. By integrating affiliate links into native ad content, marketers can generate a steady stream of cash flow from converting viewers into customers, thereby tapping into the potential of native ad affiliate marketing.

Below are the outstanding features of native advertising that you can easily notice:

  • Match the look and style of the publishing site: The ad is automatically adjusted to match the look and style of the website where it is displayed.
  • Unique signs to identify advertising: Each ad placement will have a sign such as “Sponsored” or “Ad” appearing in its corner, helping viewers identify that it is promotional content.
  • Non-intrusive and attractive: Native ads are not imposing or inconvenient for viewers, but instead create a positive user experience and naturally attract attention.

Classification of native advertising forms

Diverse types of native ads for affiliate marketing are placed in different positions on the website to create a natural and engaging browsing experience for viewers. Here are some examples of these types of ads:

Sponsored Ads

  • Placed inside or outside the article, or in other strategic locations on the page.
  • Often accompanied by a “sponsored” message to let viewers know.
  • Advertising algorithms are tailored to the content and context of the page.

In-feed ads

  • Appears within the page’s natural content flow, for example in news listings.
  • Creates a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience for viewers.

Native video ads

  • Placed as a video on the website.
  • Provides a powerful and interesting means of communicating advertising messages.

Benefits of native advertising (Native Ads)

List some of the main benefits of this format for marketers:

  • Enhance brand visibility: The organic nature and integration of native advertising into your website’s content help increase awareness and a positive image of your brand.
  • Extreme traffic volume: Native ads can appear on a variety of platforms, from blogs to social networks and online news sites, helping to reach a large number of users and increase daily exposure opportunities billions of times in different geographical areas.
  • Not blocked by AdBlock: Because of the natural and non-disruptive nature of native ads affiliate marketing, they are less likely to be blocked by ad blockers like AdBlock, increasing your chances of reaching your target audience.

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Top 5 best Native Ads platforms favored by affiliate marketers

1. Taboola

Taboola is one of the leading CPA affiliate networks that offer flexible and effective native advertising solutions, making it an ideal choice for affiliate marketing using native advertising. The platform combines diverse targeting options and comprehensive reporting, giving you full control over your native advertising campaigns and improving your marketing strategy.

  • Massive reach: Taboola has a massive reach, with over 1.4 billion unique users each month and reaching 44.5% of the global Internet population. The platform delivers traffic mainly from top geographies such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and France.
  • Diverse targeting options: Taboola offers flexible targeting options based on location, device, operating system, and more, allowing you to deliver your advertising message to the right target audience. pepper.
  • Top Sites: Taboola partners with many top sites like NBC, MSN, USA Today, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CBS News, and Fox, allowing you to show your ads on reputable platforms and reliable.
  • Efficient and unblocked native advertising: Taboola is an ideal choice for those interested in strong positioning and branding through personalized native advertising on premium websites. This platform not only helps you achieve your marketing goals but also provides advanced-level monetization opportunities for publishers and mobile service providers.

best native ads platform for affiliate marketing

2. Outbrain

Outbrain is a leading self-serve native advertising platform, with a current estimated annual revenue of $136.7 million. Partnerships with many leading niches and top publishers help Outbrain connect with a large portion of the world’s consumers, ensuring high-quality audience exposure through its extensive publisher network.

With diverse targeting options and the ability to control your advertising campaigns, Outbrain is ideal for those who want to create engaging content on the web and achieve their marketing goals wisely and effectively.

  • Massive reach: With over 290 million original stories distributed each month and 1.8 billion daily page views, Outbrain provides reach to over 1.3 billion people worldwide from over 55 countries. Time on site is 3x higher than banners and ad visibility is 5x higher.
  • Traffic from top geographies: About 50% of Outbrain’s traffic comes from tier 1 geographies such as the US, UK, Japan, and France.
  • Diverse targeting options: Outbrain offers diverse targeting options based on location, device type, operating system, interests, and advanced audience targeting.
  • Top sites: Outbrain partners with top sites like Hearst, CNN, Men’s Health, Sky News, BBC, The Washington Post, and Le Monde.
Native Ads Affiliate Marketing
Outbrain is a leading self-serve native advertising platform

3. Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the leading native advertising and content marketing platforms, renowned for its massive reach and quality traffic, making it a prime choice for native ads affiliate marketing. Revcontent collaborates closely with leading brands and media publishers, granting advertisers access to the world’s premier publishing sites. The platform prioritizes delivering optimal user experiences and maximizing engagement, while also serving as an additional revenue stream for publishers.

  • Massive reach: With daily impressions ranging from 180 to 500 million, Revcontent’s target audience includes both mobile and desktop devices, with click-through rates ranging from 0.42% to 1.52% and cost per click from 0.01 to 0.20 USD.
  • Top geographies traffic: More than 50% of Revcontent’s traffic comes from premium countries like the United States, and the platform also has a large audience in many other countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Brazil and France.
  • Additional perks: content quality control, real-time reporting, and bot integration to prevent fraud. With two bidding models, CPC and vCPM, advertisers can flexibly choose the appropriate payment method.
  • Suitable Industry: Revcontent is a great choice for industries like nutrition, e-commerce, insurance, and many others, and is worth considering for those who want to build a strong and successful brand. High advertising performance.
Native Ads Affiliate Marketing
Revcontent is one of the leading native advertising and content marketing platforms


MGID is a native performance and programmatic advertising platform that provides effective solutions for both publishers and advertisers, making it an excellent platform for native ads affiliate marketing. The platform is renowned for its performance and brand awareness, connecting advertisers with unique audiences at the right time and content.

For publishers, MGID helps retain audiences and optimize traffic, offering native ad formats like smart extensions, videos, and images. Additionally, the platform provides intuitive reporting and optimization tools to track and adjust advertising campaigns effectively. MGID also supports additional perks such as selective bidding and dynamic retargeting.

  • Huge reach: 850 million monthly visitors from 32 thousand content sites and 31650+ publishers worldwide.
  • Diverse targeting options: The platform offers flexible targeting options, including location, browser, language, device, and operating system. In particular, with more than 70% of traffic coming from mobile phones, MGID is the ideal choice for mobile advertising.
  • Top sites: International Business Times, MSN, The Week, Newsweek, HITC, and Inquisitr.
Native Ads Affiliate Marketing
MGID is a native performance and programmatic advertising platform

5. AdUp

AdUp is a richly customizable native ad network that helps you show different ads to visitors who have engaged with your content with rich traffic retargeting options.

  • Impressive reach: AdUp reaches 2,467,000 views per month from its main traffic source in Germany. This makes AdUp the ideal choice for advertisers and publishers looking to handle German traffic.
  • Flexible targeting options: including country, operating system, device, region, and time of day. You can also target by keyword or retarget by origin to optimize your campaigns.
  • Smart technology: AdUp offers bot detection technology to protect your budget and brand by using statistical methods to detect potentially fraudulent traffic.
  • Powerful targeting options: The platform gives you the option to target by keywords and handpick specific publishers and websites, enhancing your reach.

native ads for affiliate marketing

Tips to get the best out of native ads affiliate marketing

1. Take advantage of the power of affiliate links

Affiliate marketing has become a popular method to make money quickly. However, to be successful in this field, nothing is as easy as you think. With saturation, affiliate marketers are looking for new ways to increase performance and income. One of the most effective strategies is using native advertising for affiliate marketing.

Instead of running ads directly to the landing page or containing a link, a better tactic is to use native ads that promote content. This way, you can run ads based on content like product comparison articles, how-to videos, or blog posts. This method allows you to promote multiple products in one ad and provide real value to users.

However, to be successful with this method, you need to invest time and money into creating quality content. It can be quite difficult at first, but once you understand it and execute it well, you can increase your revenue significantly.

2. Earn customer emails with Native Ads

Incorporate native advertising into your affiliate marketing strategy by generating leads through email capture. Take advantage of advertising campaigns to expand your email list, using attractive landing pages to attract visitors to leave emails. Create engaging content such as quizzes and advice to encourage users to participate. Target an audience that is likely to take the desired action and narrow your target audience effectively.

3. Don’t ignore your competitors

In affiliate marketing through Native Ads, personal experience is a valuable source of learning but also requires time and money for trial and error. Competitor research is an effective solution that you should not ignore. Explore the top advertisers in your industry to get inspired and keep up with new trends. Use ad spy tools to learn about winning ads and understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. This saves you time and money, avoiding a tiring trial-and-error process.

Compare and contrast Native Ads with other popular forms of advertising

1. Native Ads vs Display Ads

Many advertisers choose native advertising over display advertising to take advantage of the benefits of native advertising. However, display ads still have their place. Knowing when and how to use each format is an important part of your overall marketing strategy because when combined, these formats can deliver strong performance. Here are the main differences:

Native Ads Display Ads
Advertising content is naturally integrated into the website, blending into the environment in which it appears. Display ads are prominent and clear ads, typically banners or promotional images.
Popular in recommending content that is valuable or relevant to the website’s field of activity. Provide direct promotional messages about products, services, or brands.
Usually designed to educate or provide value to viewers, often by sharing useful information or advice. Aim to increase brand or product awareness by generating attention and impressing the audience.

2. Native Ads vs Facebook Ads

In the race between Native Ads and Facebook Ads, each type of ad has different strengths and weaknesses, suitable to the goals and marketing strategies of each advertiser. Here are the key differences:

Native Ads Facebook Ads
Independent of algorithms and link-related restrictions, helping to avoid ad rejections and account bans. Depending on Facebook’s algorithm and policies, it can lead to ad rejections and account bans.
Limits on the number of words in an ad, typically 30-150 characters, limit the ability to convey multiple messages. There is no limit to the number of words, allowing the message to be conveyed in more detail.
Attract users based on the number of visitors to the site, often not as targeted as Facebook. Has a massive reach, with millions of users and advanced targeting.
CPC is lower than Facebook, ranging from $0.20 to $1.00, depending on many factors. The average CPC is around $1.72, which can fluctuate and is higher than Native Ads.
It often takes a lot of time to collect, analyze data, and optimize advertising strategies. Get faster results, because you can focus your budget on a single platform and spend less time analyzing data across multiple sites.

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Native ads affiliate marketing is not only a powerful tool, but also an incredibly effective resource for generating high-quality leads. With its flexibility and breadth, native advertising is not only cost-effective but also provides the opportunity for affiliates to reach and interact with customers deeply and naturally. This way, not only increases traffic but also builds solid trust among their audience. With a focus on quality content, native advertising is not just a marketing tool but also an opportunity to build lasting and sustainable relationships with customers. So, continue to exploit the power of native advertising through the information that AdsNextGen has provided and succeed in the field of affiliate marketing!

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