Best Revshare Programs Affiliate Networks With High Commission 2024

Are you looking for the best Revshare programs to increase your income? The affiliate marketing market is booming with countless attractive Revshare programs. However, with many options, finding the right program for your needs and goals can become difficult. This article will help you solve this problem!

What is the Revshare program affiliate?

A Revshare program, short for revenue share, is a business arrangement where you earn a commission based on a percentage of the sales you generate for a company. It’s essentially a performance-based partnership between an advertiser and a publisher (you, the affiliate marketer).

RevShare Networks: How it Works?

Revenue Share (RevShare) affiliate networks act as a middleman between advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliates like you). They streamline the process of finding and promoting RevShare programs, making it easier for both parties. Here’s how best Revshare programs work:

  • Joining a Network: You sign up with a RevShare affiliate network. These networks host a vast database of advertisers offering RevShare programs across various industries.
  • Browsing Programs: You can browse the network’s directory to find programs that align with your niche and target audience. Networks often provide details like commission rates, cookie duration, and program descriptions.
  • Applying & Getting Approved: Once you find a program that interests you, you can apply to join it. The advertiser may review your website or social media presence before approving.
  • Getting Affiliate Links & Codes: Upon approval, the network provides you with unique affiliate links or codes. These track any sales you generate for the advertiser.
  • Promoting & Earning Commissions: You promote the advertiser’s offerings on your platform (website, social media, etc.) using the affiliate links or codes. Whenever someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, the network tracks it. You earn a commission, typically a percentage of the sale.

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Revenue Share Affiliate Networks
Revenue Share Affiliate Networks: How Work?

Benefits of RevShare Affiliate Networks

There are several benefits to using RevShare affiliate networks compared to finding programs directly:

  • Wider Program Selection: Networks offer a vast selection of RevShare programs from various advertisers, saving you time searching individually.
  • Easier Program Management: Networks handle program applications, tracking, and reporting, streamlining the process for both affiliates and advertisers.
  • Payment Processing: Networks ensure timely and secure payments for affiliates.
  • Performance Tracking & Insights: Networks provide valuable data and analytics to help affiliates and advertisers optimize their campaigns.

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List of best Revshare programs 2024

To boost revenue, find reliable revenue share affiliate programs. Here is our list:

AdsNextGen Revshare Network – Commission rate 50% or 70%

This is one of the best Revenue Share affiliate networks that not only focuses on RevShare but also has many features that help publishers expand their income. You can market for brands like Sony, Puma, Nike, and AliExpress with commission rates up to 70%. AdsNextGen Network provides services with more than 3,000 affiliates and more than 200 advertisers. They focus on CPA incentives but there are still good opportunities for RevShare which offers many conveniences for publishers such as real-time statistics and fast payments.

Best Revshare Programs
AdsNextGen Revshare Network – Commission rate 50% or 70


  • Average Commission Rate: Offer dependent, up to 70% RevShare
  • Minimum Payout: Net-7, Net-10, Monthly
  • Payment Methods: Wirebank, Paypal, Payoneer, crystal
  • Payment Duration: 30 days

Adventure – Opportunity to earn from Revshare

Advendor offers a variety of verticals and monetization plans. This gives both experienced and new affiliates the chance to explore different options and earn more. The specific niches offered have great potential for earnings for those using the revshare model. Advendor connects over 500 advertisers with over 30,000 publishers. This allows publishers to easily find offers that suit their niche.

Information on these best Revshare programs:

  • Average Commission Rate: 3% referral program; CPL offers, CPA offers, CPI, Revenue Sharing program
  • Cookie Duration: Traffic moderation of 3 hours
  • Minimum Payout: $50, but $200 for PayPal and $2,000 for Wire
  • Payment Methods: Qiwi wallet, Webmoney, WMZ, Wire, Yandex, PayPal, Epayments
  • Payment Duration: Weekly

RevenueLab – Focuses on the iGaming niche

RevenueLab is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform launched in 2011 that focuses on the iGaming niche. With over 11,000 affiliates and 1,200 brands, it offers a wide variety of options for affiliates to earn high commissions. RevenueLab prioritizes stability with long-term contracts and lifetime earnings for publishers. Though focused on iGaming, its growing popularity makes it a valuable platform for many affiliates.


  • Average Commission Rate: Depends on the campaign
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Minimum Payout: N/A
  • Payment Methods: 20+, including Skrill, Visa, Bitcoin, Mastercard
  • Payment Duration: Monthly

Traffic Cake  – high RevShare commission rates

Traffic Cake is a casino affiliate network specializing in iGaming, sports, and online casinos. This network helps affiliates earn commissions from a variety of traffic on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, with RevShare commission rates up to 60%.

Revshare Affiliate Networks
Traffic Cake  – high RevShare commission rates


  • Commission Rate: Revshare up to 60%
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Minimum Payout: €50
  • Payment Methods: Skrill, QIWI, NETELLER, Bitcoin, Webmoney WMZ, and Capitalist
  • Payment Duration: Weekly

ClickDealer – Revshare affiliate network for beginners

ClickDealer, the last affiliate network on our best revshare programs list, is a notable RevShare network. They focus on industries like gaming, and optimizing RevShare earnings. ClickDealer has attracted more than 1,000 customers and has more than 10,000 publishers. They offer incentives to publishers for many types of traffic, including email. Despite its focus on CPA earnings, ClickDealer still offers a variety of RevShare programs for those interested.

  • Average commission rate: 2% commission for 6 months
  • Cookie duration: N/A
  • Minimum payout: Wire Bitcoin PayPal Paxum Tipalti WebMoney
  • Payment methods: ACH Wire Cheque PayPal
  • Payment Duration: Monthly

Revshare vs CPA: What is different?

In the field of Affiliate Marketing, both CPA (Cost Per Action) and RevShare models are popular, but they have many differences. For example, these payment models are suitable for many different verticals. So, instead of just rushing to find deals at the best CPA platforms or RevShare networks, evaluate your business first and see which solution is the best fit. Choosing either or a combination of both will depend on your audience, online content, and other campaign details.

Let’s learn about the differences clearly shown in the following table:

Feature RevShare Affiliate Networks CPA Affiliate Networks
Payment % of total revenue Fixed commission per action
Earnings Potential High (long-term) Faster, predictable
Focus Customer lifetime value Specific action (sale, etc.)
Tracking Total customer revenue Completion of desired action
Risk/Reward Higher risk, higher reward Lower risk, lower reward


Which vertical is best to join a Revshare affiliate?

Earnings Revenue sharing is best for verticals that allow for ongoing sales. Best revshare programs include bookings on travel, gaming, dating, online gambling, and other verticals that require constant online interaction.

Who is the Revshare affiliate marketing program suitable for?

A revenue share affiliate program may be right for you if your leads are consistently active with your brand, making repeat purchases, or renewing your services. It is important to determine customer loyalty and earning potential.

How much do you earn when you join Revenue Share Affiliate Networks?

It depends on the type of merchant you are working with. Typically, you will be paid 10% – 20% of the sale amount, but it all depends on the seller’s profit margin. For example, VPN product/service providers have much lower operating costs and you can even earn 50% – 100% commission with some of the top affiliate programs.

Revenue Share Affiliate Networks
Revenue Share Networks

In short, choosing the best Revshare programs that suit your needs and goals is an important factor for success in affiliate marketing. Revshare networks not only provide great monetization opportunities from customers’ continued purchases or service renewals but also help optimize profits and increase customer loyalty to the brand. AdsNextGen has provided you with a list of reputable affiliate marketing networks with a high-commission Revshare program in 2024. Good luck!

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