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Find out how to pin Amazon affiliate on Pinterest successfully. Affiliate marketing is a strong alternative for anybody trying to make the most of their online presence in the always-changing world of online income streams. In this space, Pinterest has established itself as a profitable venue for easily integrating advertising material. It’s important to comprehend the potential and strength of affiliate marketing inside this dynamic and lively platform before we get into the specifics of implementing Amazon affiliate links into your Pinterest pins in 2024. Let’s find out with AdsNextGen!

Essential Steps Before Pinning Amazon Affiliate on Pinterest

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is a Social media trends 2024 loved by many users. The first step in getting your affiliate marketing on Pinterest off the ground is to create a Pinterest business account. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving from a personal to a business account, this action grants access to useful tools like Pinterest advertisements and analytics.

amazon affiliate on pinterest
Create a Pinterest Business Account

These resources are essential for expanding your reach and developing your account. Having a business account is a prerequisite for utilizing Pinterest for affiliate marketing, thus completing this step is critical to your success in the endeavor.

Claim Your Website

Pinterest is one of the popular types of social media marketing, reaching many users around the world today. You may make your website more visible and effective on Pinterest by claiming it. Connecting your validated website to your Pinterest account is part of this procedure. You build trust and authority in addition to increasing traffic and impressions by doing this.

Add Affiliate Disclosures

If you are a member of the Amazon affiliate on Pinterest, you should pay special attention to the requirements of affiliate disclosures when adding affiliate links to your Pins. Pinterest mandates the use of prominent and unambiguous disclaimer text, such as “affiliate link,” “paid link,” or “sponsored,” next to the affiliate link.

amazon affiliate on pinterest
Add Affiliate Disclosures

Transparency is further reinforced by using hashtags like #affiliatelink, #paidlink, or #sponsored. By adhering to these disclosure guidelines, you may use Pinterest affiliate marketing with honesty and reliability.

Ways to pin links to Amazon affiliates on Pinterest

Make an article or page highlighting the Amazon products on your website to feature them. You may use images of Amazon products on your website, but you must follow the guidelines for giving credit where credit is due and including links.

When your page or post is complete, you may manually upload the image to your Pinterest account or pin it straight from your website. Make sure you copy and paste your affiliate link in the relevant link box when you post the image to Pinterest.

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How to use Pinterest to publish connections to Amazon affiliates?

  • Locate the Product You’re Looking for on Amazon: Find the Amazon product you want to promote first. After locating the product, copy its special URL using Amazon’s SiteStripe bar. Your Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy will be built around this link.
  • Open Pinterest and Create Pin: Go to and select the “Create Pin” option to start the process of adding your Amazon affiliate on Pinterest link to the social media site. This option is located under the “Create” section in the left-hand corner on a laptop. All you have to do is tap the “Create Pin” button if using a mobile device.
  • Upload Your Image or Video: Start by uploading the image or video that you want to be associated with your Amazon product while the Pin creation screen is active. Users of Pinterest will be drawn in by this attractive material, which will also promote interaction with your affiliate link.
  • Paste Your Affiliate URL: Using the affiliate URL you previously copied from Amazon’s SiteStripe bar, paste it into the specified website form found in the Pin creation screen. By creating a direct link between your Pin and the Amazon product, this step makes it possible to integrate affiliate marketing seamlessly.
  • Add Disclosure and facts: By including pertinent facts, you may make your pin more enticing and educational. Write a title that captures the spirit of the thing being advertised. Add to this with a thorough explanation that gives more details or context. Add pertinent hashtags to your Pin to maximize its discoverability. Lastly, make sure that the affiliate link is disclosed clearly, as this will promote openness and audience confidence while also adhering to affiliate marketing disclosure rules.
  • Select a Board: To store your pin, choose an appropriate board.
  • Post Your Pin: To complete the process and share your Pinterest pin with the world as an Amazon affiliate on Pinterest, click “Publish”!
amazon affiliate on pinterest
How to use Pinterest to publish connections to Amazon affiliates?

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Tricks Make Your Pins Stand Out on Home Feeds

Obtain rich pins

Normal pins are insufficient in Pinterest marketing. You need Rich Pins to have a real impact on Amazon affiliate on Pinterest

These improved pins provide your readers with useful extra information straight from your website, going above and beyond the call of duty. Rich Pins include a multitude of information, ranging from availability and pricing to ratings, that may greatly improve user experience and engagement.

Identify your specialty

The secret to success on Pinterest is identifying your target market and specialty. Selecting a narrow focus can help you get the proper kind of audience for your pins. As an example, creating a Pinterest board dedicated to “Pinterest Tips” will assist you in reaching out to people in this niche so that your material will be seen by the appropriate people.

Improve your photo, bio, and profile page

Make use of terms that showcase your distinct value proposition and concisely capture your essence. Make sure your profile is visually appealing as well by adding a clear, business-like photo of you or company logo. This improves your trustworthiness and professionalism in addition to creating a powerful first impression.

amazon affiliate on pinterest
Improve your photo, bio, and profile page

Set up your pins

Make sure that your Pinterest boards are a perfect fit for the subjects you have selected. These boards act as storage spaces for your pins, so make sure to give them thorough descriptions that include pertinent keywords. Additionally, use relevant categories to make it easier for your audience to find what they’re looking for. This kind of board optimization increases the content’s exposure and accessibility, which in turn promotes growth and interaction on Pinterest.

Pin images with high-quality

Pinterest is the epicenter of visual appeal, with eye-catching pictures taking center stage. Use text overlays, eye-catching graphics, and high-quality pictures to make sure your material sticks out. Together, these components entice visitors, making your pins appealing and raising platform engagement. This is how to get traffic from Pinterest.


To sum up, incorporating an Amazon affiliate on a Pinterest presence is a profitable chance to make money from the social media network. Through the smart use of pinning tactics and graphic material, you may successfully promote Amazon goods to your audience and increase affiliate sales.

Keep in mind to be transparent by following affiliate disclosure standards, and concentrate on giving your audience something of worth by producing timely and interesting content. You can use Pinterest to optimize your revenue and expand your online company through Amazon affiliate marketing if you put in the necessary effort, are creative, and have a solid grasp of your industry.

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